The Eagle Article

The College Station newspaper The Eagle wrote a great story on Fotos For Favelas entitled Pictures of Rio. Rosalee Getterman interviewed me by phone for the story asking about my experience living in the favela, the photography class that I taught in the favela and how I was continuing the project from the US.

The article was published in the Sunday issue of The Eagle on January 15th. I woke up that morning exciting to read the article and I read it online, not knowing that they had also published it in the print version. When I got a copy of the newspaper I was excited to see that the article and photos took up nearly the entire first page of the Brazos Life section and was also mentioned on the first page of the newspaper. The article also mentioned the Fundraiser that took place on February 3rd, which was great promotion for the event.

Thanks to The Eagle for the great article!

Follow this link for the online article Pictures of Rio